Rogue Agent Journal (“VI: A Grateful Lorca Warns You in a Dream” / “XVIII: It is the Time You Have Wasted on Your Rose That”)

Rust + Moth  (“No False Positives Here”)

Red Paint Hill (“Cenicero, Cenizitas, Cenicienta” / “To Strangle a Yigüirro”)

The James Franco Review (“Tres recuerdos en verso” / “TV Tag”)

Crack The Spine (“Night, Morna and Writhe”)

The After Happy Hour Review (“Ain’t Callin’ Me Baby, Better Say My Name”)

Polaris Magazine (“Irene the Banshee, Charles Darwin the Matchmaker”)

After The Pause (“Lamitrogine”)

Public Pool  (“rw nw prt m hrw”)

decomP magazine (“The Writing’s on the Wall”)

Sixth Finch (“.hack//Sign”)

The Journal (“[adult swim]” / “Fornicarás”)

Tinderbox Journal  (“Space Ghost Coast to Coast”)

Assaracus: Sibling Rivalry Press (“Kyōka Suigetsu” / “Jupiter Jazz, Part 1: See You Space Cowboy” / “Jupiter Jazz Part 2: You’re Gonna Carry That Weight” / “Reina de la noche” / “Even If You Left Without Saying Goodbye” / “Women of the Sídhe” / “What a Faux-Leather Duffle Bag Might Say to Dorian Corey”)

Cleaver Magazine (“¡Than Call Brad for Help!”)

Mud Season Review (“Aileen Wuornos Was Eleven and a Half When She Died” / “Coffy and la Cumparsita” / “Breath-hold Breakpoint” / “Soraya Montenegro is a Fictional Character in the Mexican Telenovela María la del barrio” / Devices: On the 70 Bus at 6:18 AM, After a One-Night Stand”)

Narrative Northeast (“Como La Flor”)

Winter Tangerine (“Sheba Shayne Finds a Desaparecido on the Beach”)

Shade Journal (“Bunny Man Bridge”)

IDK Magazine (“Villainelle For Valentina”, “Pepi, Luci, Bom Y Otras Chichas Del Montón”)

Platypus Press x Wildness Journal (“Homenaje”)